The £100m Solution to Liverpool’s Woes: Step by Step Guide to World Domination

Could the glory days return to Anfield? If so, how long would it take and how much would it cost, and most importantly, how could this success be achieved?

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Football - Liverpool v Chelsea UEFA Champions League Quarter Final First Leg

We some supporters calling for new investment in the club what should Liverpool look to be doing with this money should it come?

Most supporters would like to see Rafa given a £100m per transfer’s window for new player and success on the pitch. But just how practical would that be.

Yes one might expect that if a new owner/co-owner was found there would be a sudden injection of cash for new players. In an ideal world this would be great. But we all know the world is less than ideal

While a lot of supporters believe that millionaires and billionaires buy football clubs as play things and are willing to sink their money into what quickly can become a money pit.
Football became a business a long time ago. And if you can make an average club successful and a successful club even more so the reward can be great indeed. But first you have to find the right formula ….

What I would like to see if we were to get new investors, or not, is first of all to lower our debut …. One for the best ways to do this is to lower our wage bill. It is reported that LFC has a 62 man Squad with 18 out on loan.
Source of that info…/uefa-liverpool-squad-sizes-premier-league

This is by no means a dig at Rafa, as I am not sure when this build up started to happen, and surely the board must have been aware it was taking place. But this has to be close to madness. Most of these players will leave the club and will never have play in the first team, yet still have drawn massive wages form the club

All it would take was for Liverpool Fc to miss out on Europe for two season and then where would we be?….Leeds Utd ring any bells

Secondly…. I would like to see us buy no players for the next two seasons or so. I believe that we have class players in the first team as well as the reserves and they should be made use of. If not then why are they here?

Thirdly… We need to build Stanley Park. This is Paramount to the future of Liverpool Fc
Let take a look at some of our rivals

Man Utd, Old Trafford Capacity: 76,212
Chelsea, Stamford Bridge: 42,055
Arsenal, The Emirates 60,355

Stamford Bridge being the only one that is smaller than Anfield’s 45,522. But they have a billionaire owner and they are looking to relocate. With Man city and their Billionaire they have a 47,726 capacity stadium even they exceeded us ours when it comes to bums on seats. We are behind clubs like Newcastle 52,387, (Let us also remember that the First thing Newcastle owner Mike Ashley did was to reduce the debt of Newcastle Fc),
And Sunderland with some 49,000. So the thought of Stanley Park at 80,000 and the extra millions that would bring in will leave the average Supporter almost salivating and almost double the income that we have from the stands now..

It would still how ever be smaller than The Bernabeu 100,000, the Camp Nou 110,000

Yes it may (like some supporters believe) leave us like Arsenal trophy less for the next five years, But may I remind you that Arsenal when to the Finals of the League Cup and have been regulars in the Champions League. I believe we have the quality to still compete at the highest level as it stands and still win trophies.

The Arsenal board are begging Arsene Wenger to spend big in the summer. Now tell me would you not like to hear that coming from LFC board?……… This is all due to building the Emirates and clearing the debut though being frugal. And just how much stronger are they now financially

We the Supporters do our part. We by the merchandise fill the stands, pay for Liverpool fc TV, live, sweat, eat, drink LFC. The last thing any Supporter wants to see is the club go the way of Leeds Utd.

We still need to get the correct balance. We still need to go as far as we can in every competition for the revenue it brings in; and to keep Liverpool Fc looking an attractive proposition to attract future stars to the club. I do believe Rafa has assembled a squad that can do this…. But we also need to reel in the finances, and as hard as we may find it to understand we need to be patient. As long as these things are being address.

We many not own shares Liverpool Fc but without each and every one of us there would be no Liverpool Football Club. The owner, manager and everyone connected with LFC need to do what is right for the club and its future, and stave to make the club self sufficient

With possibly lower risk higher gains clubs like Newcastle Utd on the market, If new owner where to be found, and the promise of £100m transfer fund were to be made available I Believe the money would serve us better in the long run if it was used to help clear the debut

We may not be able to buy the likes of David Villia in the coming transfer windows, but if club finances were in order who knows…..

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