Foul Mouthed Liverpool Director Hicks Jr Resigns After Abusive Email

If only Hicks Sr would follow suit!

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Liverpool have announced that Tom Hicks Jr, son of co-owner Tom Hicks, has resigned as a director of the club and parent company Kop Holdings.
Hicks Jr stood down in the wake of a row with a supporter, who alleged the American had sent him abusive emails.
His departure has led to a restructuring of the board of both the club and it’s parent company.
Casey Coffman has replaced Hicks Jr, with Philip Nash and Ian Ayre joining him as directors of both companies. (BBC Sport)

After Tom Hicks Jr has done the right thing by falling on his sword after sending an email response to a fan telling the supporter, Stephen Horner, “Blow me, f**kface. Go to hell, I’m sick of you.”. The Anfield board had no choice but to convince Tom Hick Senior’s son to leave and whilst this should spell the end of this saga but may well put even more pressure on the American owners to push off and leave.

Mounting pressure on Messrs Hicks and Gillett at the Liverpool helm has yet to make either leave the club and one could only hope they follow Hicks Jr’s lead and leave sooner rather than later. Whilst there are many who believe the problems at the club are not solely down to the owners, there can’t be a single fan who thinks the continued presence of either Yank is nothing but a obstacle a very expensive obstacle.


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