Is it Time for the Premier League to Adopt a Wage Cap?

COS Contributor Gillen Reid wonders if the Premier League should follow the MLS’s lead?

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Its well documented that the premiership is the richest league in the world, there players are paid an astronomical amount of money, with contingents in a number of the more dominant premiership sides over the 100k per week mark, and with the Blackburn chairman recently reporting that 82% of the clubs turnover goes to wages alone, which pays testament to the size of the problem presented to the premiership. Debts mounting for smaller clubs now there are reports of more and more clubs being issued with warnings or winding up orders and so on. Michele Platini himself is planning the banning of all clubs in debt from competing in the champions league.

So what do the FA do about this I hear you ask?

Well one of the top dogs once mentioned that there is only 1 way to do this, which is to set a percentage limit in relation to turnover, say limited to 50% of money made by any one club is allowed to go to wages. This would obviously create a unfair advantage due to the varying sizes of the 20 clubs in the league.

Now I know a lot of the attraction to the premiership is based on the simple fact of money, Gareth Barry said himself he made his move to Manchester City for the very point of a massive wage rise. So I ask you what if the FA suffered the bankruptcy and loss of say for example Portsmouth, this would in theory prompt them into action. The MLS is well known for its lack of quality in terms of skill and pace. But the wage structure is very strict, each club has a set wage structure imposed by the FA, only 2 players allowed to be paid whatever they want (the david beckham rule) which in return has removed any sort of threat of clubs going into any sort of debt

So where would the premiership be with this kind of wage structure involved?

Would it take the simple task of swallowing the pride of being the richest and most exciting league in the world for the stability and integrity of the club that compete in it?

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