Rafa Benitez Leaves Liverpool and Heads for…

…The Asylum!

Quite simply one of the craziest post match interviews since Kevin Keegan went off his rocker some moons ago. During this interview with Sky Sports he manages to say “27,000 people” eight times and for the rest of the time tries to avoid answering any slightly difficult questions.

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Sports - September 25, 2007

The Anfield boss is under fire and may be nearing the end of his Liverpool managerial career and if the continues to deal with one on one’s in this manner he may find himself placed in a mental patient unit. Clearly he must have been thinking after Robert Huth’s goal “how can I somehow detract attention from another rather average display…oh yes I know, what I will do is repeat the attendance over and over again, that way people will notice my own insanity and not the rather poor job I am doing at Liverpool Football Club”.

At one point Andy Burton asks a very pertinent question stating that although the Britannia is a tough place to come the likes of Chelsea and Man United managed to register wins away at Stoke City at which point Rafa considers using his “27,000 people mantra” and decides that would make little or no sense in relation to this particular question, at which point he decides instead to state that five important players were out injured, which seems fair enough but surely the fact the team has very little strength in depth is an issue in itself and one that the Liverpool boss must take full responsibility for!

To see the crazy interview in its entirety CLICK HERE!

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