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Sports - December 08, 2007

Well the simple answer is no, but let me expand on this so as to at least make it worthwhile for fellow Liverpool fans to appreciate. I used to be an “In Rafa We Trust” kind of guy but after a large amount of time trying to maintain that stance I am finding it next to impossible to continue to do so and therefore I got to thinking about how things could theoretically pan out should the Spaniard be pushed or if he chose to jump (very unlikely considering the large sums of money he would be due if he was sacked just a short way into a long term deal).

Before I continue I feel I should stress that my feelings towards the Anfield boss in no way impinge on my love for the team. It is possible to be a true fan and still have an opinion that doesn’t ring true for every fan. The team get my utmost support but enough is enough.

Now we could spend all day trying to apportion blame as to why we are in the mess we are in. There is no doubt that the club’s owners are also to blame for the sheer inept way in which they have run the club into a potential sea of debt and Anfield is on a rocky path with Messrs Hicks and Gillett at the tiller however it is not so easy for Rafa Benitez to avoid his share of the blame simply because there are others who have also made mistakes.

1) Baffling team selection

Rafa has made putting square pegs into round holes into an art form and even if he was to blame the lack of options on a lack of funds that would still not excuse some of his bizarre decisions. The most recent example of this insanity came at Stoke when Benitez opted to play Philippe Degen at right midfield despite having newly signed Maxi to call upon.

2) Failure to take any blame whatsoever following any defeat he has made the team suffer and acting like an insane person in post match interviews

“27,000 people!”. We all know that football managers always like to look for someone else to blame for any failure but the Liverpool gaffer takes this to a new level. Whether its down to a refereeing error or having players out injured you can trust Rafa to avoid taking any responsibility whatsoever.

3) Making bizarre transfer selections

I urge any fan to take a piece of paper and on one side place each signing Rafa has made that was a good signing and then place on the other side players who are bad signings. If anyone has more names on the good player side I will eat my knee caps. Look at the transfer record of any of our top four rivals and you will see that they have a far superior rate of good to bad signings.

4) He has lost the dressing room

It’s not just Ryan Babel who is mopping around and basically not a happy bunny it seems fairly clear that the mood about the place is not conducive to a team looking to salvage something from a season that was supposed to be “The One”.

5) There are better managers out there.

An argument for not ridding the club of Mr. Benitez has in the past revolved around their not being any major names who could fit into the hot seat but now things have gotten to the stage where many options seem wholly more befitting a club of our size. Guus Hiddink has been linked with a potential vacancy and surely there isn’t a Liverpool fan on planet earth who wouldn’t jump at the chance of the Dutchman replacing Rafa.

Enough is enough

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