What Do You Hate About The Beautiful Game?

After reading THIS CLASSIC RANT we thought we would open a can of worms and ask you for your thoughts on what you hate about the game of football. Now this is clearly a very large canvas for you to paint on but go ahead try it and you might find yourself exorcising some deeply embedded demons (sounds painful).

Let me give you a handful to get your started. I hate the following football related things.

1) I hate people who have second clubs, teams that they claim to follow other than their own, this is both patronising to the ‘lesser’ team and in many ways simply detracts from your ‘support’ of your first love.

2) I hate Garth Crooks

3) So called football fans who come out of the woodwork when a major tournament takes place.

4) I hate the fact that I know that matchday programmes are a rip off but I buy them anyway out of some sort of OCD based stupidity.

You get the idea so in the embarrassing words of Delia Smith “Let’s be having you!”

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