Darius Vassell Creates the Funniest Footballer Blog Entry Ever!

We love Darius Vassell, whats not to love, a Premier League footballer who decided to go out on a limb and try out life in another part of the world in order to revive his career instead of taking a step down to the Championship. Anyone who has visited his excellent blog would know just how down to earth and amusing his posts can be, if you haven’t already visited CLICK HERE. What seems to work so well for the blog is the whole “Englishman in a strange land” setting that really seems to hit home with many ex pats and also somehow brings top level footballers a little nearer to being just like us ‘normal people’. We highly recommend you visit his site on a regular basis and you will soon find yourself addicted much as we have become.

Below is a snippet of a recent entry that will have you immediately hooked on the adventures of a former England International in Turkey.

We hope to be working with Darius in the near future and giving you regular updates as to his progress but until then enjoy!


Finally managed to get my Turkish Bank card….
I went to the cash point to change my pin number etc and grab some lira for Yemeksepeti and was greeted with a Turkish wall of commands and instructions!! I completely forgot that would possibly be the case and i couldnt find a button for INGLISSE (or something like that?)
I tapped away at the machine like a crazed hacker as the people queuing behind me watched with a sense of curious suspicion, i gave up and pressed the red button to return my card..
This will have to turn into a quick Turkish lesson/excercise because its important i get this right. (Darius World)

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