Darius Vassell Creates the Funniest Footballer Blog Entry Ever Part Two!

Seriously if you haven’t heeded our call to action previously then you simply must do so now. Darius Vassell continues to amuse, entertain and inform the masses as to just how he is getting on with life in Turkey and his latest blog entry is a comedic masterpiece. We are seriously considering writing a letter to the powers that be (whoever they might be) instructing the creation of a “Darius Vassell Day”

My washing machine and dryer should arrive today, i have a mounting of clothes to get through not to mention ironing also.. In my my toilet upstairs there is a shoot which goes down 2 floors into the utility room, allowing me to send all dirty clothes downstairs where they will land into a wash basket… wash baskets! i need to get some of those or the clothes will just be landing on the floor..
Anyways its a good idea and something i could do with at home in England.. Ill test it out with some old vests and socks first make sure theres no blockage. (Darius World)

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