Portsmouth Chief Peter Storrie Defends £1m+ Salary: Paid for Incompetence and Double Dealing

Cash strapped Fratton Park side fork out a ton of dosh to pay awful Chief Executive!

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Portsmouth chief executive Peter Storrie has defended his £1m-plus salary but vowed to take a pay cut as the club prepares for administration.
Last year Storrie earned £1.2m, a 30% increase on his previous year’s salary despite the club’s reported £70m debt.
Storrie said: “I’ve seen £1.4m bandied around, but my basic salary is less than half of what’s been reported.”
Portsmouth will go into administration by Friday unless a buyer is found for the Premier League’s bottom club.
Explaining his remuneration package at the financially-stricken club, Storrie told the Portsmouth News: “The rest of [my salary] has been a bonus given by former owner Sacha Gaydamak every year.

The administrator wants me to help him sell the club to the right person
Peter Storrie
“That’s in recognition of me keeping the club going for him by selling players.
“I’m prepared to cut my basic [salary] quite substantially,” added Storrie.
“I have already spoken to the administrator and he wants to keep things settled, which means me staying on.
“I will work with him and I believe he wants me to help him sell the club to the right person.
“There will be cuts at all levels. That’s something for the administrator to do to make sure the club keeps going. I will be taking a big cut as well.” (BBC Sport)

Can anyone tell me whats wrong with this picture? Is it me or doesn’t seem like Mr. Storrie is getting a rather large sum of money to basically ruin a football club? Rewarded for incompetency and apparently now he is saying that Portsmouth’s administrator wants the Chief Executive to help the club find the right person to take over, isn’t that like the blind leading the blind? Why would Peter Storrie be well placed to advise on this matter? He is a very big part of the reason the club is in the mess its in right now and now he is being used to help Pompey get out of their might big pickle they are in? Absurd.

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