Vanessa Perroncel and Max Clifford Chime In On Wayne Bridge’s England Withdrawal: Why?

Everyone’s least favourite publicist and a former multiple WAG give their unwanted verdicts on Man City man’s recent decision to pull out of England campaign.

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Miss Perroncel insisted she was ‘very upset’ about the decision (to quit England) by Bridge, with whom she has a three-year-old son.

Her publicist Max Clifford said: ‘Vanessa is very upset at what Wayne has said and that he has made this decision. She believes it’s the wrong one.’
He added: ‘I’d have assumed that Wayne Bridge and John Terry would have sorted out their differences man-to-man.

‘Can you imagine if we miss out or lose the World Cup because of having someone at left back who isn’t up to it?’

Bridge is due before the family division of Epsom County Court on March 25 for a hearing to decide how much he must pay Miss Perroncel.
He is expected to argue his regular payments for their son should be cut because of her indiscretions.
His lawyers are expected to demand to know Miss Perroncel’s income – including any pay-off from Terry to stop her from selling her story. (Daily Mail)

It is generally accepted in this day and age that if you have transgressed in some way then your best bet is to hire Mr. Max Clifford. In all likelihood he will manage to work his magic and make you out to be the innocent party and perhaps even secure a part in the latest reality television show, the draw back however would be that you would have to spend more than a millisecond in the company of a man who is as slimy and repugnant as a slimy and repugnant slug.

There is no doubting that Max Clifford knows his job but it is a very sad indictment of the society we live in that the job he does indeed do is one that exists at all. Also, what exactly does he know about football, aside from representing any former WAGs looking to make a fortune off the back of their loose affiliation with someone in the public eye. The idea that the publicist (what a title, covers a multitude of sins) could offer an publishable opinion on the Beautiful Game is akin to be holding a seminar on the wonders of making a living out of getting people out of their self dug holes. In other words Max, by all means hold a press conference discussing your client but try to avoid making comments about the potentially tricky area of the left back role in the forthcoming World Cup.

We can all see what you are trying to do, its as clear as crystal that your latest plan revolves around the age old tactic of diverting blame. Vanessa Perroncel is a particularly loathsome individual who has attempted to sleep her way to a place in the spotlight, which she has now finally achieved, after bedding many semi famous people in the process, including most bizarrely the guy from Steps (not H).

Anyway back to the matter in hand. I do think that it was a mistake on Wayne Bridge’s part to pull out of the England set-up, but in many ways I can understand where he is coming from and after all it is a decision that only he can make and one that realistically will only affect himself and no one else i.e. anyone claiming that his withdrawal could cost us a World Cup, in much the same way as Max Clifford has done, is simply trying to fan the flames of this odious stories and doing so without any knowledge of the game whatsoever.

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