Craig Bellamy Attacks John Terry In Post Match Interview (Video)

Love him or hate him, and most likely it will be the second emotion you associate with the Man City winger, you can’t fault Craig Bellamy for speaking his mind. The Welshman clearly has his views on the Chelsea skipper and felt that with a camera pointed in his direction and with a leading question addressed before him, that he had no choice but to stick a knife in John Terry and then move it around an already gaping wound.

The thing is, it does make you think whether JT is really generally someone who fellow footballers simply do not like, or whether this is just a figment of Mr. Bellamy’s imagination. I have a sneaky suspicion that the in form attacker is probably not the only person among the footballing fraternity who are not exactly enamoured by the Stamford Bridge centre back, but should that really matter?

Clearly, as Bellamy states in this post match interview, the fact is that on the field of play John Terry is a leader and a damn fine defender and whether he is a complete tosser off the pitch is really neither here not there. After all I am sure we have all had colleagues at our workplace who we have downright loathed but could at the same time acknowledge their ability nonetheless to do their job effectively.

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