Cheryl Cole Considers Taking Back Ashley Cole: Chelsea Star Victim of Predatory Women!

Full back tries the whole “its not my fault I cheated on you” line of defence.

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Cheryl Cole has agreed to attend counselling sessions with her errant husband.
Despite originally telling friends she was intent on divorcing Ashley, and then refusing to take his calls, the Girls Aloud singer has had a change of heart.
The Daily Mail has learned that the X Factor judge has given in following a series of phone calls and text messages from the shamed Chelsea footballer, 29, pleading for another chance.

The breakthrough appears to have been aided by ‘Team Ashley’ – which includes his mother Sue, some of his Chelsea colleagues and even, sources say, team owner Roman Abramovich – and their attempts to portray Cole as a victim rather than a serial love rat.

Sources claim Cheryl, 26, has started to believe she is also at fault for the breakdown of their three-and-a-half-year marriage.
The first counselling session will take place as early as next week, after the footballer returns from a sports rehabilitation clinic in France where he is being treated for a broken ankle.
The sessions are likely to take place at their nine-bedroom home in Surrey.
A source close to the couple last night told the Daily Mail: ‘Cheryl has agreed to see a counsellor with Ashley to hear his issues.
‘She think he deserves to be heard and understands how he could think that she let him down as a wife.’

The source went on: ‘In essence, she is starting to accept his claim that it is not solely his fault their marriage collapsed.’
According to sources, she has compared Cole positively to his teammate and fellow adulterer, Chelsea captain John Terry.
The source revealed: ‘Cheryl sees Ashley as different to John Terry. He has managed to persuade her that he’s not a cad – more a victim of circumstance.
‘She’s now starting to think he’s vulnerable and immature and easy prey for predatory women.’
The source continued: ‘Of course, Cheryl is devastated and furious at what he’s done. But she accepts she owes it to their marriage to talk it through with him.’
Cole is thought to have cheated on his wife with at least four women during their relationship.
He made headlines on Monday afternoon when he told reporters that his ‘life had been ruined’.
His wife, who has still not begun divorce proceedings, announced their separation on February 23.
On the same day, Cole fled to the CEPS clinic close to Biarritz, in South-West France, to receive treatment on his broken ankle. He has been there ever since. (Daily Mail)

Do not adjust your computer monitors, you did read that correctly. Apparently, and you will find this equal parts incredibly and insane, Ashley Cole is NOT to blame for his cheating antics, oh no, the blame should in fact rest squarely on those women who have tracked him down and tied him to the nearest mattress and forced their attentions on him. Poor boy.

Seriously if Cheryl Cole accepts this line of an excuse she needs her head examined, removed and then re-examined. It takes some front for the Chelsea and England man to attempt to play the whole “its not my fault’ card, I can only imagine that it was a similar tactic that helped John Terry to persuade his missus to take him back, either that or she is irretrievably stupid.

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