Arsenal Mauler Ryan Shawcross IS “That Type of Player”!

Emirates supporter has had enough of the tactic of ‘violence’ used to take on north London side.

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The boy is like that Tony Pulis and perhaps you are too.

The BBC interviewer last night led with the comment – “to be fair to him he is no that type of player” which Tony Pulis was both grateful for and of course agreed with. Tony wake up he is. This is the third time in 3 years “the lovely lad from a nice family” has committed a full blooded tackle that has left an opposition player in pain, unable to continue the game and requiring rehabilitation. Three times in four seasons is not bad luck. Francis Jeffers was tackled from behind and suffered a broken ankle and Adebayor was not even on the pitch when Shawcross hit him with his studs showing. Is he malicious? Maybe not and the tackle does not appear to be. So we are left with one conclusion he is over committed and has poor judgment when making 50/50 tackles. He now needs a lengthy ban to put his own behavior in perspective. People who commit manslaughter do not mean to kill anybody but they still get punished. Ryan Shawcross now needs to be punished before he is unlucky again.

Ricardo Fuller was widely quoted as saying that the way to play Arsenal was to rough them up. Did this come from the player or did his manager suggest this in training or some form of match preparation? Well the tackle may not have been deliberate but it was reckless and players going out to rough up the opposition run the risk of doing physical harm rather than just intimidating.

The media in general has a wider responsibility to help get these incidents out of the game. Every time Arsenal are castigated as bottlers who do not like the physical side by the red top journalists and has been footballers now commenting on a sport they may not have been good enough to play in they take responsibility for these incidents. The inference of the Emirates side not being up for it is that if you are committed if you put your foot in where it hurts the Arsenal player will not. When an Arsenal player such as Ramsey, Eduardo, or Diaby does not “bottle it” they end up getting injured. As well as the proper punishment of the injuring player we need the media to be more responsible.

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