Cheryl Cole Looking Hotter By the Day (Pics): Ashley Cole You’re an Idiot!

Simply because we felt like it here are some very nice recent images of Cheryl Cole. If Stamford Bridge full back Ashley happens to visit this site (and we know for a FACT that fellow Chelsea teammate Michael Ballack is a big fan) then he may well take a look at these photos and wonder what all the fuss is about and may just kick back and pay no heed to the massive mistake he made by bedding an array of women who looked like bulldogs chewing wasps, however it is more likely he will think to himself “What the F**k have I done!” Because I know I would be cursing my idiocy if I had made such an error of judgement.

To see a particularly good recent pic of Cheryl Cole (With an incredibly large bag) CLICK HERE to visit the marvelous Kickette.

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