Idiot of the Week: Because Crippling a Player is Not Cool!

Was there ever any doubt?

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Premier League: Stoke City 1 v 3 Arsenal

Ryan Shawcross is apparently “not that type of player” but Aaron Ramsey’s doubly broken leg may tell a different story. The Stoke City defender is by no means an animal and the challenge was not as bad as say Martin Taylor’s on Eduardo, but given that the challenge left the Welsh midfielder in hospital it is hard to give the Arsenal man any words of comfort.

It was just a mad coincidence that the former Manchester United man found himself in the England set up hours after being ordered off at the Britannia. There is no doubting the youngster’s potential but at the same time this is not the first time he has savaged an opponent and he may do well to lay off the late, dangerous studs up off the ground tackles otherwise he may well get a reputation he will find hard to rid himself of.

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