Seven Steps to Being a Good Liverpool Supporter Or How I Learned to Love the Bomb

Anfield fan wants to set the record straight on a few things!

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I have been posting here for some time now. I have even been referred to by one poster as an old timer, negative by some; by many as a Rafa basher. I have always tried to be consistence in my views on the manager and players. Some here view this as being disloyal to talk out about the things that I perceive being wrong at the club, yet as always I am open to debate and willing to change my views should someone convince me that I am wrong. Yet It seems like the art of debate are lost on quite a few people here on both side; that would rather Insult and abuse others in an attempt to get their points across…. This I find sad but what make my blood boil is when someone says something along the lines of “You’re not a true Fan” or “You know absolutely nothing about football”

These kinds of statements are stupid and presumptuous…..

Presumptuous?…. Because they presume that their opinion is the right one.

Stupid?… Because they are again presuming they know exactly what a true support is and what they should behave like…..

I have hear it said by the Rafa supporters that won us the Champions League in his first year, only to be countered by being told that they are still living in Istanbul by those who are not too enamoured by Rafa….

So what is it that makes you a “True Supporter?”

1. Not reading the Sun news paper and other such rags…..

While I myself rarely buy a news paper I do on occasion pick them up… It is rarely for the sports section, but if I do pick one up for that reason it is usually the Star… not because I subscribe to the notion that the southern press is against LFC. No. It is just the Sun, Mirror and other papers that sell best in the south of England concentrate on the southern club like Arsenal and Chelsea, Man Utd are still considered by the press to be the English number one dream team. There is very little reported on Liverpool Fc…. I tend to look at the gossip column on BBC teletext services for a guide and then look up the source on the net…… I never believe anything written in news paper. I will use them to guide me but I always make my own mind up…..

2. Supporting the club through thick and thin….

I have always done this and been on wavering in my support, but I feel that it is the players that I own my loyalty to and not the manager or the owners…. But this support does not come blindly. If a player is not good enough, or does not give his all I feel that we the “Supporters” have every right to criticize them… The same goes for the manager…. Some people will view this as disloyal as tell you that you should “supporter the club and that includes the manager” …. But does that not also mean then you should support the owners? Are they not a part of the club too?….. Yes we all would have like the owners to have given Rafa as much money as he needed to buy players but the unfortunate reality is we have not got it to give….

You also get people who will quote “In Rafa We Trust” yet moan about his choice of players. Is that not hypocritical?….

3. “You are only a true supporter if you go to Anfield”

We are one of the biggest clubs in the world…. This means we have world wide following…. No everyone can make the pilgrimage to Anfield… I am proud to say that I have on nine occasions, and gone to other grounds to support Liverpool at away games. I have not been as often as I would like too, some 27 games in total, but never the less I try never to miss a match….
The fact is that there are some people who have never and may never get the chance to see Liverpool live in the flesh but I would never, ever, dream of questioning their support or love for the club….When we played in Singapore pre-season people slept on the street over night to get a glimpse of their heroes and some parted with half a months wages to go watch them play.
There are many reasons People can not attend matches. This in no way should be held against them

4. Support the Manager….

We have also suffered from negative tactics under Rafa and games there for the taking we have not won because of playing too defensive, or with lack of industry, creativity, width or urgency….. There have been other things…..Questionable substitutions, Poor team selections, lack of opportunity for the reserves, and youth ……

But is it wrong to voice these concerns?….

Some believe that we owe the manager for what he as done for the club….. Although I am grateful for what Rafa Benitez as achieve in his time with us I believe it is “him who owes us” for entrusting this great club to him to manage, and it is him who owes the supporters and not the other way round

Rafa has made some very good buys in the transfer market. He has also made some howlers…. Yes every manager does. I will truly admit that, but were my problem lies here with Rafa is that he fails to realize that he has done so quickly enough and the player is then sitting there and drawing wages instead of him trying to move them on. And yes I understand a player can sit there and run out his contract, but it should be made clear to them that they have no future at the club and the longer they do not play; the harder they will find it to be signed by another club… This will usually have the desired affect…

Sorry I have a tendency to go off in a tangent and ramble on saying things in a whole page what should only take a paragraph or two…. Suppose that’s why I cut and paste so I can keep my answer short and to the point…

5. Only use constructive criticism…..

This one goes right over my head I’m afraid to say….surely any type of criticism is just that .Criticism…. Is constructive criticism any less or more so depending on whom it coming from?…. does it matter whether it is the same thing coming from a supporter or a former player?….

6. Not being a glory hunter….

Now I understand the concept, but if truth be told are we not all glory hunters?….
Do we not all want Liverpool to win every game, every trophy?…

To me at least I want to see the players playing free flowing football, constantly going forward when possible, not this constant sideways, and backward passing…… The style of football played in the seventies and eighties is what I want to see. Not this tip toe approach. I think that’s why I love watching, and wanting any team that Kevin Keegan manages to do well

7. Doing thing’s the Liverpool way…..

Now I will freely admit that I don’t know what that means, and if most of you are honest you would have to say the same, as this concept seem fluid at best….

But maybe someone here can enlighten me to what this is…..

It would be all to easy for someone to say “you do not come from Liverpool so you wouldn’t know what it means to be a True Supporter”….. Well instead of taking the easy way out why don’t you tell us what your idea of the “true supporter” is and why?…..

What I chose to believe is that you support your club the way you want to. There is no right or wrong way as long as you support them

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