Idiot of the Week: Because Being Demonic Dictatorial Owners Will Never Win You Friends

This weeks award goes to an Old Trafford collective!

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UEFA Champions League: Manchester United 4 v 0 AC Milan

Its not really paranoia when everyone is REALLY out to get you. The Glazers are a family who clearly don’t care who they offend and on who’s toes they step on and indeed which organization they run into the ground but this latest bit of frighteningly poor PR is even a shocker by these guys very high standards.

Having seen the organized campaign against them continue to grow, and by the way MUST keep up the good work, the Glazer family have decided to act in a manner not unlike the one adopted by the ruling junta in George Orwell epic 1984. The Manchester United owners have produced a list of instructions to help keep the inevitable revolution arriving at their doorstep.

They will not allow their own players to discuss the ongoing situation that threatens to engulf the club and have censored anyone connected with the club from making any comment on the issue, either good or bad, and this is the latest effort from the insane group to try to close their eyes and hope the problems go away. The truth is the problem will not go away until they themselves leave the club.

In case the Glazers read this article. Please Go. No one wants you.

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