David Beckham Tells His Own Website He Will Make Successful Comeback

Becks conducts one man face to face interview with himself and tells the world he will be just fine.

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Surgeon Sakari Orava who operated David Beckham in Turku

The surgeon who operated on David Beckham’s ruptured Achilles tendon has deemed the procedure “a success”.
The severity of the injury means the England midfielder could be out for up to six months, said surgeon Sakari Orava, ending his 2010 World Cup hopes.
Beckham, 34, had hoped to appear at his fourth World Cup this summer but was injured playing for AC Milan on Sunday.
“I feel positive and I’m concentrating on getting back to full fitness in the coming months,” he told his website.
Beckham is now on crutches and will have his foot in plaster for six to eight weeks, but is confident of overcoming the injury setback.
He will be given a detailed rehabilitation programme by Professor Orava before flying from Finland to London on Wednesday, and then on to America. (BBC Sport)

I don’t know why but the idea that David Beckham told his own website that all would be fine is extremely amusing. I have an image in my head, along with the one involving Jessica Alba and a jar of Marmalade, of Becks interviewing himself about his ongoing recovery. In my mind he asks himself some very challenging questions and then offers to suspend the discussions so that he can play himself in a game of Cluedo.

Anyway onto the meat of the story. Clearly the LA Galaxy man is keen to recover from his ruptured Achilles tendon but one has to wonder if a player of 34 can successfully make it back to full fitness after such a horrific injury. It will be quite an achievement if he does. Fabio Capello has invited the former Manchester United man to join the England party during the World Cup but the idea of being a national mascot may not appeal to Beckham.

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