John Terry Runs Over Chelsea Security Guard Whilst Fleeing Media Hoardes

Stamford Bridge adds injury to insult.

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Chelsea FC captain John Terry injured a security guard’s leg as he drove out of the club’s Stamford Bridge ground and then left the scene.
The club said Terry’s 4×4 hit deputy security manager Steve Rowley as he drove slowly through a crowd of fans and photographers after Tuesday’s game.
Mr Rowley, who was left with a badly bruised leg, said he did not blame Terry and there was “no bad feeling”.
Chelsea said Terry was aware of “a lot of contact” with his car.
However, they said he did not think anyone had been injured.
Chelsea suffered a 1-0 defeat by Inter Milan in the Champions League last-16 match on Tuesday.
A Metropolitan Police spokesman said Terry was later breathalysed by Surrey Police at his home in Oxshott and investigations were continuing.
Police had initially said Mr Rowley had been left with a broken leg. However, the security guard said it was only “badly bruised”.
‘Complete accident’
Mr Rowley said: “John was quickly in contact with me once he realised what had happened and there’s no bad feeling at all on my part.
“It wasn’t his fault at all, it was a complete accident.”
He added he would not be commenting further on the matter.
A Chelsea spokesman said: “We can confirm there was an unfortunate accident as John Terry left Stamford Bridge last night.
“When driving out of the stadium at approximately 1-2 mph in a queue of traffic exiting the ground, his car was surrounded by photographers and fans.

The club said John Terry’s car was surrounded by photographers and fans
“In the melee that ensued a member of Chelsea’s security staff was knocked to the ground, making contact with the car. He suffered a badly bruised leg.
“John was aware at the time that there was a lot of contact with his car during the incident, but not that anyone was injured as a result.
“Upon hearing of the injury, John spoke to the police. He has also been in contact with the staff member to check on his welfare.” (BBC Sport)

If it was physically possible to get any worse for John Terry then I wouldn’t know how. Given the press frenzy that has greeted the England and Chelsea man since revelations of his affair with Vanessa Perroncel and the resultant losing of the national team captaincy and the loss of form and now the Champions League exit it would be a brave man to guess what happened next to the Blues centre back.

Clearly this particular incident is one that can not be solely down to Mr. Terry and its perhaps very lucky that he ran over a Chelsea employee rather a member of the press as if he had done so then I am sure the mother of all law suits would ensue.

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