Liverpool Flop Riera Lays Into “Deaf” Boss Benitez: Does He Have a Point?

Anfield failure not happy with Rafa’s man management skills.

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Sports News - February 18, 2010

Liverpool winger Albert Riera says he is considering leaving the club after being given the silent treatment by Reds manager Rafael Benitez.
Riera, who wants to get into Spain’s World Cup squad, thinks Benitez has something “personal” against him and is “turning a deaf ear” to his players.
“He’s never sorted out a situation with a player by talking with him,” the 27-year-old told Spanish radio.
Liverpool go into Thursday’s Europa League tie against Lille trailing 1-0.
Riera’s only two appearances since January have been in Europe, and his exclusion from the side for Premier League matches has prompted him to consider offers from two clubs in Russia.
“I would like to spend my whole career here (at Liverpool), but we players live to play,” he said. “My aim is to go to the World Cup and for this I have to be playing.”
During an interview for Radio Marca, he described Benitez as an aloof figure who has little relationship with his players.
“When the coach says nothing to you and you are well, with no physical problems and training well, you cannot help but think it must be something personal,” he said.

“If I’m doing something badly and you are my boss, and you value me, then you are going to come and tell me what I have to do to play again. This is what hurts me.
“You see that the team are not doing well and there are no changes. It’s a little frustrating because you see that you can help. (BBC Sport)

Its hard to know whether Albert Rieira’s statements are fair or not but it does seem wrong to take these problems and air them in a radio interview. The Anfield man has been a big disappointment since he arrived at the club and if he is honest with himself he knows that he has not done enough to warrant a long run in the side but if his issue is with Benitez not confronting him over his poor form then perhaps he has a point.

Its a complaint that has been laid at Rafa’s door before and perhaps its just the way the Spaniard chooses to deal with his players but no doubt the gaffer will have words with Albert in the near future and I wouldn’t be at all surprised if this was the final nail in his Liverpool coffin and if a side comes in with a decent offer for the former Espanyol man then I would expect it will be accepted fairly swiftly.

The 27 year old has started just 12 games this term and he has resolutely failed to impress. He is still making the wrong decisions when in a dangerous position and can at times be infuriatingly greedy and frankly is running out of lives at Anfield. At the same time he would probably claim that he hasn’t had a good run in the side but its a chicken and the egg situation that will probably never be resolved.


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