The Four Rafa Replacements Liverpool Should Consider Turning To

COS Contributor Donovan Ried has a novel idea to help bring the glory days back to Anfield.

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Sports News - March 17, 2010

Chelsea Fc has been a revolving door when it mangers. The list of manager reads like a who’s who in the footballing world from….

Geoff Hurst 1979-81, John Neal 1981-85, John Hollins1985-88, Bobby Campbell1988-91 Ina Porterfield 1991-93David Webb19193-93, Glen Hoddle1993-96, Rudd Gullit 1996-98,Glanluca Vialli 1998-2000,Claudio Ranieri 2000-04,Jose Mourinho 2004-07,Avram Grant 2007-08,Luiz Felipe Scolari 2008-09, Guus Hiddink 2009-09 now on their current manager Carlo Ancelotti, Chelsea has never been on to set still for long in chase of success ….. That’s some 16 managers in 30 years.

Now compeer that to our Seven managers in the same period…. Bob Paisley1974-83, Joe Fagan 1983-85, Kenny Dalglish 1985-91, Graeme Souness 1991-94, Roy Evans 1994-98, Roy Evans / Gerard Houllier 1998-98, Gerard Houllier1998-2004, Rafa Benitez 2004

We were succesful in the League right up to the 1989-90 season since then we have lurched from one disastrous manager to another,always standing behind the manager no matter what…..

Chelsea on the other hand has had not won the league since 1954-55 season,the league cup 1965, the Fa Cup 1970 and and a Cup winner’s Cup 1971 between 1971 and 1990 they had not won anything….

Between that time and now Chelsea have won…..The FA Cup in 1997, The League Cup in 1998, Cup Winners Cup 1998, and Super Cup1998, the Charity Shield 2000 and FA Cup. The League 2004-5 and League Cup,2005. The Charity Shield.2005 and another League title 2005-06. The league and FA Cup 2007.The Charity Shield. 2009 and the FA Cup the same year 2009

While Liver have won the League Cup 1994-95, 2000-01, 2002-03 the FA Cup 1991-92, 2000-01, 2005-06, UEFA Cup 2000-01, European Cup Winners 2004-05, and European Super Cup Winners 2001, 2005
13 trophies vs. Liverpool’s 10 it may not sound like a lot until you consider two points….. Between the time Chelsea last won the League 1954-55 and 1990 Chelsea had only won a Charity shield 1955 and a League Cup 1965 FA Cup’s in 1970 and 1971… Second point Chelsea had, and still is working hard to improve the players and manager

Even the pre… Roman Abramovich Chelsea had always been ruthless as far as the manager when…. Chelsea will not put up for second best as far as the manager goes
So the question I wish to ask you is why we do?….
You can blame injuries for this season if you wish, or the loss of Alonso. But the truth is some of us have been seeing this coming for a long time now….
I will not go into detail of what I perceive to be the failings with Rafa I will how ever say that it was refreshing to hear a manager Gianfranco Zola take full responsibility for the lose to Wolves…. A move that will take the pressure off the players, and make them fight that little bit harder for him and the club….
Should we LFC be more like Chelsea or sit on our laurels?
I would like to see
Jose Mourinho because I believe he is a winner and instils that in his teams too, a manager who knows how to get the best out of his players, with great management skills, a great tactician, who is not afraid to change things about even early in the game, has a sharp analytical mind, shrewd in the transfer market…. Cocky, confident but knows how to back it up. Give a 100% and will accept nothing less from his players…. Hate’ to lose. . So if he does then the next team he plays better watch out wants to win everything…
Marc Van Basten….. A player and manager that is well respected on the continent, Players want to play for him, his knowledge of players is well known and style of football pleasing on the eye….
Kevin Keegan…. A great manager with a great record bringing Fulham, Man City, and Newcastle up from the 1st division and challenging two years in a row for top spot failing only due to injuries. Leaving Newcastle only because he though that he had failed them. When back to Newcastle, but it was never going to work under the current owner….Great manager whose teams play attractive free following football, has an eye for a good player…

Rudd Gullit, although not a lot of peoples cup of tea, he is a product of Ajax football academy, his style of football (Sexy Football) allows who ever has possession tow move freely forward knowing that someone will drop back in to cover, swift breaks and movement of the ball is the Ajax way… another well respected manager who would, like Van Basten have no trouble attracting top players….
These I believe are the types of manager that LFC should be looking for… who do you think we should be looking for and why.

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