(Video) Manchester City Boss Roberto Mancini Attacks Everton Manager David Moyes: Fight!

Eastlands boss Roberto Mancini normally comes across as a calm and rational human being for a few seconds last night he lost his cool, big time. David Moyes was of course doing what manager’s do when they are leading a match with a few minutes to go, he tried to waste a little time, something that does of course annoy the hell out of the opposition and their fans but thats no reason to attempt to assault the Goodison Park boss. Both were sent to the stands after this scuffle, not sure why the Everton boss should’ve been sent off, as far as I am aware being set upon by an opposing manager isn’t an offence.

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Here are the respective takes on the incident from both bosses.

Manchester City boss Roberto Mancini on the incident with Moyes: “I’ve spoken now with David and if I made a mistake I am sorry.
“I wanted to get the ball because there was another five minutes at the end.
“This can happen sometimes in a game but it is finished now. I was frustrated for the players.”
Everton boss David Moyes: “I wasn’t the one waving my hand for bookings.
“I was very surprised, I didn’t know what I had done wrong. I shouldn’t have been sent off, simple as.”
“I held the ball longer than I should have but I was trying to make a change. He showed his passion for his team and his club and I can accept that.” (BBC Sport)

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