Cheryl Cole Wears See-Through Top: Yes We Know That Isn’t Exactly a News Story..

… but we are sure you would want to see it anyway. Thanks to the excellent Kickette for bringing this image to our attention (and leaving it emblazoned on our fragile childish minds). The former Chelsea wife is looking hotter by the day and must make Ashley Cole wonder just how much stupider he can look as time wears on. We think very stupid but lets see what happens. Apparently the England full back has a fool proof way to win back the Girls Aloud singer, and by fool proof way we obviously mean very very stupid way. His plan is to construct a ‘memory book’ (sounds like something that might happen in the Matrix) which will include photos and mementos of their marriage. Now that’s one hell of a plan but unless the ‘memory book’ has some kind of hidden device that somehow knocks Cheryl unconscious resulting in her losing her own memory we can’t see how this token gift will make the blindest bit of difference. Anyway onto that photo…

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