Vanessa Perroncel and Wayne Bridge In Court Over Child Maintenance Row

Oh dear, this story won’t seem to go away!

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Vanessa Perroncel - Press Conference

It was the first time Vanessa Perroncel had faced her ex-boyfriend since the revelation that she had an affair with one of his England team-mates
The former lingerie model was being taken to court by her former partner, the Manchester City defender Wayne Bridge.
He claims that she has been paid up to £800,000 not to talk about her five-month relationship with Chelsea’s John Terry.
At the High Court in London, Bridge’s lawyers argued that the alleged hush money from the disgraced former England captain should mean that their client pays less in maintenance to Miss Perroncel, 33, and their three-year-old son, Jaydon.
Miss Perroncel has insisted she never received any money from Terry.
Terry, a married father of twins, moved in on the former lingerie model last year after she split with 29-year-old Bridge when he moved from Chelsea to Manchester City.
But the fling only came to light after Terry, who is paid £170,000 a week, lost a court battle preventing details of the affair becoming public.
The tawdry revelations cost Terry the England captaincy last month. Among the allegations was the claim that he paid for Miss Perroncel to have an abortion.
After she decided not to sell her story, French-born Miss Perroncel was alleged to have been paid between £650,000 and £800,000 to buy her silence.
But yesterday Miss Perroncel’s lawyers presented all her bank statements to District Judge Peter Greene to prove she had not received any payment from Terry.
Despite this apparent evidence, Bridge would not improve on his offer of £3,000-amonth for Miss Perroncel and their son.
Lawyers for Miss Perroncel and £88,000-aweek Manchester City defender Bridge could not come to an agreement despite an all-day court battle.

A friend said: ‘Wayne earns a huge amount of money – more than £350,000-a-month – and what he’s offering Vanessa and Jaydon is a drop in the ocean for him.
‘She’s not greedy, she just wants a sensible amount of money, in the region of £10,000 a month, so she can properly look after their son.’ (Daily Mail)

Well this story continues to run and run and has now sunk to a new low with arguments over the amount Wayne Bridge should pay in maintenance for his son. I would imagine that the Manchester City man has no problems keeping his son in the life that he deserves but probably would rather that her ex doesn’t in any way benefit from any payment that he makes.

As always it is publicist Max Clifford who comes out of a story covered with more slime than his clients. The idea that £10k a month would be a sensible amount of money in maintenance is quite laughable. Perhaps Wayne could come to an agreement to give exactly that much just as long as Vanessa Perroncel doesn’t touch a penny of it? Maybe she could live in a shed in the garden?

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