The Gadget Arsenal and Tottenham Fans Can Not Do Without (Humour)

Now we all know just how much hate there is in the world. Its the fuel within us all and in relation to football clubs it is what keeps us going as human beings. Now both Emirates and White Hart Lane supporters would do well to avoid each other at all costs. Arsenal and Tottenham fans do not get on, thats a fact, so here is an ingenious invention that helps fans of both north London clubs avoid each other CLICK HERE.

This hilarious Studs Up sketch illustrates just how ones allegiance can shape any potential friendship. Being a supporter of a rival team may well, quite rightly, result in the instant dislike of a seemingly decent guy or girl. This is life, c’est la vie and all that.

It must irk Arsenal fans no end that their near neighbours are doing pretty damn well this season but then perhaps Gunners supporters like this ‘high’ that Spurs are on so that they can stick the metaphorical knives in if/when it all goes pear shaped. Similarly Tottenham fans are probably ecstatic that Arsene Wenger and his boys are experiencing something of a silverware drought and may even be harbouring hopes of eclipsing their arch rivals in the coming season.

If only such a device as the one depicted in this sketch could indeed be invented. It would be a product that would fly off the shelves. Imagine the ability to walk into any pub, or other location with large numbers of people, and instantly be able to point an electronic implement at a person and be told which football team they support. If the aforementioned tool could work at a distance you could simply point at people from a bus and have your suspicions confirmed.

Hell the damn thing could even tell you if that guy at work really doesn’t support any team at all! Yes, some people like that do exists, and yes I know, they are indeed freaks!

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