Top Ten Best Paid Sports Teams In the World

The best job in the world? Being paid immense sums of money to play the game you love?

Ever wondered which sports teams vie for top spot in the high earners list? I know I have (haven’t we all) and now some smart guys from have done the math and come up with a list of the top ten highest paid sports teams based on the clubs average starting weekly salary per starting player.

NBA is clearly a sport you should go into if you fancy earning big bucks as Basketball teams take the lions share of the placings on this top ten list but then there are still some surprises so take a look below. On a side note what would be really interesting if someone came up with a list of the highest and lowest earners at each major sporting side that would generate a great deal of interest but possibly alienate and anger some who find themselves at the lower end of the pay scale.

Highest paying sports teams (average weekly salary per starting player)

10-New York Knicks (NBA) – £59,120 ($89,223)

New York Knicks at Toronto Raptors

9- Boston Celtics (NBA) – £62,813 ($94,797)

San Antonio Spurs and Boston Celtics action

8- Cleveland Cavaliers (NBA) – £63,529 ($95,867)

Los Angeles Lakers vs Cleveland Caviliers in Los Angeles

7- Detroit Pistons (NBA) – £64,234 ($96,931)

NBA: Bulls vs Pistons MAR 28

6- LA Lakers (NBA) – £65,563 ($98,943)

NBA 2008 - Lakers Beat Rockets 111-82

5- Dallas Mavericks (NBA) – £68,343 ($103,139)

NBA: Celtics vs Mavericks MAR 20

4- Chelsea (Premier League) – £68,946 ($104,049)

Sports News - March 27, 2010

3- Barcelona (Liga) – £78,231 ($118,051)


2- Real Madrid (Liga) – £81,444 ($122,900)


1- New York Yankees (MLB) – £89,897 ($135,655)

New York Yankees Derek Jeter lepas into the pile after the game against the Philadelphia Phillies in game 6 of the World Series at Yankee Stadium in New York
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