A Message to Liverpool Fans Disheartened By Bad Season

COS columnist Aquaman takes an interesting look at what some fellow Anfield fans have been saying this past season.

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An copy of the Champions League trophy stands on top of a gate outside Liverpools Anfield stadium in Liverpool

When you walk through a storm

“How much to get rid of some of the “fans” on here? The words “bell”
and “end” come to mind.”

Hold your head up high

“No one wants Gerrard? When did you work this out – when your mum was
burping you? How about you find the right currency symbol and go ask
your mum to flop her t*** out so you can have a suckle.”

And don’t be afraid of the dark

“Huge LFC fan. I wish it was ANYONE else except Arabs buying us. If it
happens – I’m outta here.”

At the end of the storm

“He is an obnoxious, arrogant, self-serving buffoon who would only
squander any more funds given him.”

Is a golden sky


And the sweet silver song of a lark

“Who let this pillock write an article… utter tosh!! But more than
anything I just think this guys a tool!!”

Walk on through the wind

“EL ZHAR WTF! At best, he’s useless.”

Walk on through the rain

“Have u ever considered castration? Or at the least sterilisation??
I think we’re all agreed that it would be quite unfair for you to
further pollute the earth with your spawn!”

Though your dreams be tossed and blown

“Whoever wants Rafa to stay is a man u supporters sleeping partners
and go to hell with your thoughts . Man U supporters all praying for
Rafa to continue mismanage the team and you bunch of losers dare to
feel the same as theirs ! You traitors…… low can you be ?”

Walk on


Walk on

“Middle finger to all Lucas haters out there…”

With hope

“We need to get rid of the manager 1st before we let him ruin the club
even more than he has already done”

In your hearts

“Hopefully rafa will get the f*** outta our club and take the scum
like lucas, kuyt and the greek with him”

And you’ll never walk alone

“i’ll give you three reasons why we screwed up this season
1, rafa
2. rafa
3. rafa”

You’ll never walk alone

All comments were taken directly off of the CaughtOffside website and
were made by Liverpool fans. The quoting of these comments was not
meant as a direct attack on the people who made them (which is why
they were left anonymous) but were intended to reflect the views of
some of those who claim to be Liverpool fans.

I personally am deeply distressed by what has become of our fan base
after one single “bad” season. I have no problem with rooting out the
problems but the manner in which some are doing so is completely
contrary to the Liverpool way.

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