Chasing European Glory: Barcelona & Real Madrid Long for Continental Dominance

La Liga giants look to create era of Spanish domination

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Sports News - April 11, 2010

Through the history of the European cup Spanish clubs have always had an influence in the outcome of the cup. Real Madrid are still the most successful club in Europe, winning a record nine European Cups, three of which under the new Champions League format. Barcelona has also lifted the trophy twice and a number of other La Liga clubs have come close to the most coveted trophy.

However, over the last few years there has been a domination of Premier League clubs in Europe and the La Liga teams have failed to put together any real challenges to these clubs. The La Liga is still recognised as one of the top two leagues in the world and has an abundance of talented clubs, with some of the best players in the world. With usually four Spanish teams in Europe every season they have had their chance but something just doesn’t work for them in European competition.

Each year Villarreal and Real Madrid seem to put up a tough test for any side. With great attacking players Madrid have enough skill to cut apart any defence, whilst Villarreal’s defence record leaves teams frustrated week in, week out. The only problem with the two teams are that when they are put up against any of the European giants such as the English clubs or any Italian teams the outcome is usually poor, failing to play to a standard good enough to progress any further in the competition.

The only ray of light in Europe for the La Liga teams has come from Barcelona. Over the past five years Barcelona have built an almost undefeatable team. When they won the title in 2006 Barcelona looked like they were never going to lose another game again. Since then the acquisition of new players has strengthened the team more and they have now taken their place as one of the best clubs in the world.

Every football fan now sees the potential for Barcelona to dominate Europe over the upcoming years and many more online betting companies like Party Bets are taking into account their increased popularity. Ripping teams apart in the La Liga and blazing their way to the Spanish title will surely be followed by the European title. Barcelona’s triumphs leave other La Liga teams only wishing they could emulate their dominance.

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