Ray Winstone Talks…So You Better F**king Listen

Every Tuesday expect some pearls of wisdom from the actor you wouldn’t want to meet in a very dark alley. Please note that Ray Winstone was in no way involved in the making of this series of articles which were designed to make you chuckle.

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Do me a favour. I’m a Cockney, I’m a Cockney, I can not believe that they gave Frankie Zola the heave-ho. I mean, yeah he had a shocker of a season but come on. Ain’t football a fickle thing. He was magic last season but one bad year and you’re toast. I mean who can sack someone so charming, maybe I’ll hire him, its good to have a smily face around the house.

Now onto the World Cup bid, that mug Triesman may well have put the kybosh on our bid by making spurious claims. What a fucking dipshit. Spouting his mouth off whilst porking that not so young bit on the side, what a muppet. If he mucks up our chances of hosting the 2018 World Cup then I will personally pay the nonce a visit and it won’t be for a fucking sherry!

Good to see Scotty Parker in the England squad, that cost me a few bob I can tell ya. That Capello takes some bribing, I jest of course. How the fuck did Emile Heskey get the nod ahead of Carlton Cole, that’s a fucking mystery. Anyway whoever is wearing those proud lions on their chest will get my vote of confidence.

Talking of the World Cup I have full faith in Capello to get our guys singing from the same hymn sheet. About time we won the fucking thing. I was a babe in arms back in 66′ and I still remember it like it was yesterday. The cockles, the whelks the flags, what a time, an innocent time. Its all Ipods and Starbucks now. Fucking shit. £5m for a coffee, what a fucking rip off. Anyway I digress. Come on Wazza and the boys make us proud to be British, come back with the fucking trophy, steal it if ya ave ta!

Anyway thats all I got time for this week. Got put some money a greyhound with three legs. Take it easy and meet you same time same place. Take care my son.

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