CaughtOffside & SoccerPro Writer of the Month: Your Chance to Win Big Prizes!

What have you got to lose?

Think you can do better? Now is your chance to win big for speaking your mind. There is still plenty of time for you to send us your entries to COS which may then help you make our shortlist. A number of writers have entered the CaughtOffside/SoccerPro Idol writing competition this month with the likes of Josh Dean, EAVESY DOES IT, Ryan Oakley, James Ball, George Sims and Aodhan Donnelly to name just a few who have impressed this far.

Now its your chance to win! SoccerPro have once again kindly given us a Football Shirt of Your Choice for the winner. Why not opt for a Brazil jersey or maybe the USA jersey or England shirt? All are very nice indeed. Or you could opt for a club shirt if that takes your fancy.

Remember if you are one of the writers shortlisted you will stand a very good chance of winning a Football Club shirt of your choice thanks to that lovely guys at SoccerPro. Remember also that it could take just one article to get listed in our end of month poll, or it could take a series of pieces to sway the COS panel. Simply send your entries to and prepare to see your name in lights (well not lights, but you get the idea). The shortlist will be named on Monday 24th of May so make sure to send us your articles before then to stand a chance of making the cut.

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