Tottenham Boss Sticks Nose Into Arsenal/Fabregas/Barcelona Transfer Triangle: Redknapp Even Compares Rio to Cesc!

White Hart Lane boss writes article, angers every Emirates supporter in one foul swoop.

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Before all those Gooners jump on my case, I know Cesc hasn’t gone anywhere yet, and I know Arsene will fight tooth and nail to keep him.

But believe me, that is one hell of a scrap to win, and I will be absolutely amazed if the lad doesn’t join Barcelona.

Let’s face it, he’s a Spanish lad, he grew up in the same youth team as half those established stars, his family is there and so are his mates.

I know Arsenal aren’t exactly small fry but this is Barcelona we’re talking about, where major trophies are expected every year – and usually not too far from arriving either.

Let’s be honest, it’s a dream move for Fabregas and, as much as Arsene would love to keep him, once a player’s made up his mind it is very, very difficult to stop.

We couldn’t manage it with Rio at West Ham, even though we didn’t want to sell and he didn’t want to go! (The Sun)

One wonders whether Harry Redknapp had a smile on his sagging face when he put together his latest ‘article’ for that quality publication The Sun. In one single article he aims about half a dozen back handed insults at Arsenal. He decides to talk about the possibilities of winning major trophies if he were to leave for Barcelona, meaning none to subtly that he can’t win big at the Emirates.

He states that a move to the Nou Camp would be a dream one, as if to suggest that staying a Gunner wouldn’t be that great a deal. He says that the chance to play alongside Barca’s big names would be too much turn down, suggesting in a sly way that lining up alongside his current teammates was somehow beneath him.

The funniest thing he comes up with though is his attempt to draw parallels between his need to offload Rio Ferdinand to Leeds and our own situation with trying to keep our skipper at the club. Hilarious stuff indeed. I know some will say that the White Hart Lane boss was just speaking his mind but can you imagine what would happen if Arsene Wenger decided to write an article stating that Luka Modric would be mad to not join Manchester United if the opportunity arose.

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