Vanessa Perroncel Had ‘Friendship’ With John Terry But Never Slept With Him: Wayne Bridge’s Ex Appears Confused


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Vanessa Perroncel - Press Conference

She stood accused of betraying of her former fiancé Wayne Bridge and her best friend Toni Terry.
But now, four months after her alleged affair with John Terry became front page news, Vanessa Perroncel claims it never even happened.
In a new magazine interview, the former WAG completely denies the moral charge sheet against her, insisting her relationship with the former Chelsea captain was only ever platonic.
The 33-year-old, who has a son Jaydon, 3, with Bridge, gave her side of the story to this week’s Grazia magazine.
In the article, journalist Kathryn Knight writes how she went into the interview ‘expecting justification and context’ from Perroncel, but instead got ‘a blanket denial’.
The French brunette told her: ‘I had known John for eight years before I met Wayne, and we had always kept in touch – and that’s all it was.
‘What we had cannot be described as an affair, it was a friendship.
‘Not one word of what was written about me was true.’
When asked directly if her relationship with Terry was ever physical, Perroncel replied with a firm no.

According to Grazia, her publicity agent interrupted the interview at the first mention of Terry’s name.
The Max Clifford employee, who was sitting in on the conversation, asked Perroncel to carefully read a typed piece of paper to ‘remind’ her of her position before addressing questions about the footballer.

But she struggled to explain why she didn’t speak up to deny the matter at the time.

She says: ‘It’s easy to say that now but I didn’t know what to say or do when all this came out.
‘I was scared of being tripped up. The whole thing was overwhelming but I’m now suing for defamation and breach of privacy.’
She also addressed Terry’s extraordinary bid to seek a gagging order to keep affair allegations out of the press. The super-injunction was ultimately rejected by a High Court judge.
‘I thought it was the right thing to do, although now I think he should have let the newspapers publish and we could have just sued them,’ she says. ‘Instead the story became the injunction.'(Daily Mail)

Max Clifford may have worked one of his wondrous acts. One can only imagine what “I never slept with John Terry” actually means. It could mean they never fell asleep on the same bed. When dealing with such matters on such a literal level it is actually very easy to avoid ever having to admit to anything. For instance. If you ask someone “was your relationship with X physical” you can of course always say “no”. After all what does ‘physical’ mean.

It seems odd that Miss Perroncel would reply when asked why she didn’t deny the claims in the first place she would state “It’s easy to say that now but I didn’t know what to say or do”. Well what the hell does that mean? If someone accuses you of something that is patently not true surely the first, and most important thing, you can do is say “that is not true”.

Then when asked why then did John Terry seek a gagging order Perroncel says “I thought it was the right thing to do”, once again using some weird brand of logic that makes little or no sense. If someone is about to make claims that are untrue it seems that worst thing you could do would be to a) try to take those people to court to STOP them from saying things that you could then sue them for saying and b) to then not deny exactly what they have said.

Bizarre isn’t a big enough word to describe the latest twist in this rather twisted sordid mess of a story. This will not be the last we hear of this and lets be honest even though we may pretend we are not entertained by it all, we secretly find this all very interesting and amusing.

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