Inter Milan Flop Quaresma Has No Sense of Humour! (Video)

Before watching the video below its important to give you the back story. Italian satirical news show “Striscia la notizia” has been conducting an interesting, and amusing, series of vignettes where they have been looking to award the fastest Serie A driver. They regularly track the speeds reached by players and coaches alike and in Ricardo Quaresma they had a definite winner. However when a pair in a motorcycle and sidecar attempted to track down the Portuguese flop they were not greeted by a footballer who appreciated the humourous nature of their prize giving. In fact when presented with a Golden Tapir, yes you read that correctly, the petulant winger threw it to the ground in much the same way a spoilt brat may elect to chuck away his rocket and crayfish sandwich. Its amusing viewing indeed. Thanks to Dirty Tackle for unearthing this gem.

Sports News - March 25, 2010

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