Marina and the Diamonds Show Support for Climate Change at Stella Artois Le CO2eux Soiree

Marina and the Diamonds shows their support for climate change with a
special video for Stella Artois’ four part variety show Le CO2eux

The programme is broadcast in wonderfully retro 1960s style, and
Marina and the Diamonds provides it with the “first ever music video”
– current single I Am Not A Robot.

Le CO2eux Soireé was created in recognition of the sterling work done
by Stella Artois in reducing the glass in their bottles. 75% of the
bottle is now recycled glass, while 50% of a Stella Artois can is made
of recycled aluminium.

Limiting the glass content reduces CO2 emissions, and illustrates
Stella Artois’ constant quest to improve the environment. It goes to
show that if we each take small green steps we can all make the world
a better place.

Marina and the Diamonds burst onto the scene thanks to a second place
finish in the BBC Sound of 2010, and brilliantly catchy single
Hollywood cemented her place in the nation’s heads.

The Abergavenny singer gained a huge following internationally, and
recent single I Am Not A Robot has only increased that fanbase. Known
for her unique voice and flamboyant dress sense, Marina and the
Diamonds achieved a number five album with debut LP The Family Jewels,
and is set for even greater heights.

She will be joined by Eel Pie Island’s finest band, the Mystery Jets,
who will play their upcoming single Dreaming Of Another World.

All four episodes of Le CO2eux Soireé will be shown live online at, while the Marina and the Diamonds video
can be seen below:

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