World Cup 2010: Every World Cup Goal (Video)

Let the fun begin.

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OK so throughout the whole damn tournament we will be placing each and every goal scored on this very webpage. So you just need to take a note of the URL or save it to your favourites and just check back whenever you wish.

We will also be posting highlights of every game the instant the final whistle is blown!

There is no need to thank us, we know you appreciate us thinking of you!

South Africa 1-0 Mexico (Siphiwe Tshabalala)

South Africa 1-1 Mexico (Rafa Marquez)
South Korea 1-0 Greece (Lee)
South Korea 2-0 Greece (Park)

Argentina 1-0 Nigeria (Heinze)

England 1-0 United States (Gerrard)
England 1-1 United States (Dempsey)
Algeria 0-1 Slovenia (Koren)
Serbia 0-1 Ghana (Gyan Penalty)
Germany 1-0 Australia (Podolski)

Germany 2-0 Australia (Klose)

Germany 3-0 Australia (Muller)

Germany 4-0 Australia (Cacau)

Holland 1-0 Denmark (Agger Own Goal)

Holland 2-0 Denmark (Kuyt)

Japan 1-0 Cameroon (Honda)

Italy 0-1 Paraguay (Alacaraz)

Italy 1-1 Paraguay (De Rossi)

New Zealand 0-1 Slovakia (Vittek)

New Zealand 1-1 Slovakia (Reid)

Brazil 1-0 North Korea (Maicon)

Brazil 2-0 North Korea (Elano)

Brazil 2-1 North Korea (Ji)

Honduras 0-1 Chile (Beausejour)

Spain 0-1 Switzerland (Fernandes)

South Africa 0-1 Uruguay (Forlan)

South Africa 0-2 Uruguay (Forlan)

South Africa 0-3 Uruguay (Pereira)

Argentina 1-0 South Korea (Park Chu-young)

Argentina 2-0 South Korea (Higuain)

Argentina 2-1 South Korea (Chung-Young)

Argentina 3-1 South Korea (Higuain)

Argentina 4-1 South Korea (Higuain)

Greece 0-1 Nigeria (Uche)

Greece 1-1 Nigeria (Salpingidis)

Greece 2-1 Nigeria (Torosidis)

France 0-1 Mexico (Hernandez)

France 0-2 Mexico (Blanco)
Germany 0-1 Serbia (Jovanovic)

Slovenia 1-0 United States (Birsa)

Slovenia 2-0 United States (Ljubijankic)

Slovenia 2-1 United States (Donovan)

Slovenia 2-2 United States (Donovan)

Holland 1-0 Japan (Sneijder)

Ghana 0-1 Australia (Holman)

Ghana 1-1 Australia (Kewell Handball and Sending Off and then Gyan Penalty)

Cameroon 1-0 Denmark (Eto’o)

Cameroon 1-1 Denmark (Bendtner)

Cameroon 1-2 Denmark (Rommedahl)

Slovakia 0-1 Paraguay (Vera)

Slovakia 0-2 Paraguay (Riveros)

Italy 0-1 New Zealand (Smeltz)

Italy 1-1 New Zealand (Iaquinta)

Brazil 1-0 Ivory Coast (Fabiano)

Brazil 2-0 Ivory Coast (Fabiano)

Brazil 3-0 Ivory Coast (Elano)

Brazil 3-1 Ivory Coast (Drogba)

Portugal 1-0 North Korea (Meireles)

Portugal 1-0 North Korea

Simão | MySpace Video

Portgual 2-0 North Korea (Simao)

Portugal 2-0 North Korea

Simão | MySpace Video

Portugal 3-0 North Korea (Almeida)

Portugal 4-0 North Korea (Tiago)

Portugal 5-0 North Korea (Liedson)

Portugal 6-0 North Korea (Cristiano Ronaldo)

Portugal 7-0 North Korea (Tiago)

Spain 1-0 Honduras (Villa)

Spain 2-0 Honduras (Villa)

France 0-1 South Africa (Khamalo)

France 0-2 South Africa (Mphela)

Mexico 0-1 Uruguay (Suarez)

France 1-2 South Africa (Malouda)

Nigeria 1-0 South Korea (Uche)

Nigeria 1-1 South Korea (Lee-Jung)

Greece 0-1 Argentina (Demichelis)

Greece 0-2 Argentina (Palermo)

Nigeria 1-2 South Korea

Nigeria 2-2 South Korea (Yakubu)

Slovenia 0-1 England (Defoe)

United States 1-0 Algeria (Donovan)

Ghana 0-1 Germany (Ozil)

Australia 1-0 Serbia (Cahill)

Australia 2-0 Serbia (Holman)

Australia 2-1 Serbia (Pantelic)

Slovakia 1-0 Italy (Vittek)

Slovakia 2-0 Italy (Vittek)

Slovakia 2-1 Italy (Di Natale)

Slovakia 3-1 Italy (Kopunek)

Slovakia 3-2 Italy (Quagliarella)

Denmark 0-1 Japan (Honda)

Denmark 0-1 Japan

Simão | MySpace Video

Denmark 0-2 Japan (Endo)

Denmark 0-2 Japan

Simão | MySpace Video

Denmark 1-2 Japan (Tomasson)

Denmark 1-2 Japan

Simão | MySpace Video

Denmark 1-3 Japan (Okazaki)

Denmark 1-3 Japan

Simão | MySpace Video

Cameroon 0-1 Holland (Van Persie)

Cameroon 1-1 Holland (Eto’o)

Cameroon 1-2 Holland (Huntelaar)

North Korea 0-1 Ivory Coast (Yaya Toure)

North Korea 0-2 Ivory Coast (Romaric)

North Korea 0-3 Ivory Coast (Kalou)

Chile 0-1 Spain (Villa)

Chile 0-2 Spain (Iniesta)

Chile 1-2 Spain (Millar)

Uruguay 1-0 South Korea (Suarez)

Uruguay 1-1 South Korea (Lee)

Uruguay 2-1 South Korea (Suarez)

United States 0-1 Ghana (Boateng)

United States 1-1 Ghana (Donovan)

United States 1-2 Ghana (Gyan)

Germany 1-0 England (Klose)

Germany 2-0 England (Podolski)

Germany 2-1 England (Upson)

Germany 3-1 England (Mueller)

Germany 4-1 England (Mueller)

Argentina 1-0 Mexico (Tevez)

Argentina 2-0 Mexico (Higuain)

Argentina 3-0 Mexico (Tevez)

Argentina 3-1 Mexico (Hernandez)

Holland 1-0 Slovakia (Robben)

Holland 2-0 Slovakia (Sneijder)

Holland 2-1 Slovakia (Vittek)

Brazil 1-0 Chile (Juan)

Brazil 2-0 Chile (Luis Fabiano)

Brazil 3-0 Chile (Robinho)

Paraguay Vs Japan Penalty Shoot Out

Spain 1-0 Portugal (Villa)

Holland 0-1 Brazil (Robinho)

Netherlands 0-1 Brazil

Simão | MySpace Video

Holland 1-1 Brazil (Melo Own Goal)

Holland 2-1 Brazil (Sneijder)

Uruguay 0-1 Ghana (Muntari)

Uruguay 1-1 Ghana (Forlan)

Uruguay – Ghana Penalty Shoot Out

Argentina 0-1 Germany (Muller)

Argentina 0-2 Germany (Klose)

Argentina 0-3 Germany (Friedrich)

Argentina 0-4 Germany (Klose)

Paraguay 0-1 Spain (Villa)

Uruguay 0-1 Holland (Van Bronckhorst)

Uruguay 1-1 Holland (Forlan)

Uruguay 1-2 Holland (Sneijder)

Uruguay 1-3 Holland (Robben)

Uruguay 2-3 Holland (Pereira)

Germany 0-1 Spain (Puyol)

Uruguay 0-1 Germany (Muller)

Uruguay 1-1 Germany (Cavani)
Uruguay 2-1 Germany (Forlan)
Uruguay 2-2 Germany (Jansen)
Uruguay 2-3 Germany (Khedira)
More to follow

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