Answer Easy Question and Win Fantastically Addictive World Cup 2010 Computer Game

Your chance to win a very addictive football computer game that you can play as you wait for interminable gap between the matches to pass!

OK this is the easy way for you guys to get free access to the online football game that we have been playing in the COS offices for far far too long. The game itself is reminiscent of Sensible World of Soccer which itself was a beast of an addiction that took years to shake off. Sensational World Soccer is a great game to play in the office as well, best to have another window readily available to click to for when the boss walks past the back of your screen, obviously make sure that other window doesn’t contain scantily clad women otherwise you have basically made things a whole lot worse.

CLICK HERE to see the game in all its glory

We have ten lovely access codes for those who can answer the following very easy question.

Q: Which country is the current World Cup tournament being held in?

Yes we told you it was easy. The first ten people to email their answer to will get the codes. Its worth mentioning that the game is actually very cheap anyway (hence the easy question) and you can get it by CLICKING HERE

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