Offside View: The Real Reasons Why The 2010 World Cup Is Not Firing On All Cylinders

This weeks Offside View discusses what may be preventing this World Cup hitting the high notes.

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Argentina's coach Diego Maradona gestures during their 2010 World Cup Group B soccer match against Nigeria at Ellis Park stadium in Johannesburg June 12, 2010.  REUTERS/Adnan Abidi (SOUTH AFRICA - Tags: SPORT SOCCER WORLD CUP)

Seeing as the whole country seems to have an opinion on how bad this World Cup has been so far, a look at what has gone wrong is required. It’s obviously not acceptable and we need to get to the bottom of it. I wasn’t going to let you down here and I feel I’ve got to the bottom of it.

Countries just aren’t providing the entertainment and fun that is surely their moral responsibility to do so.

Who told the lesser teams they are allowed to employ tactics? Where’s the wild abandon in throwing everything into attack, the whole team running after the ball and leaving massive gaps for the opposition to exploit? Who can forget the Zaire team who barely knew the rules?

What’s the deal with the heart of the New Zealand defence? A Premier League regular alongside a former Danish under 21. Surely they should have a team of semi pros who spend their working lives sheep shearing.

Where’s the unheard of African youngster who, despite not having a verifiable age and looking like he’s spent the last 20 years as a miner, is heralded as the world’s best teenager?

It’s just not acceptable, even Argentina looked organised. Maradona may actually pull this off without it turning into the circus we had all expected. No fun. We wanted him playing a strict 2-3-5. We wanted him to combust on the sidelines, strip down to his kit, reveal a ‘Maradona is better than Messi’ tattoo and demand to come on.

The Dutch look a happy squad. Their disregard for tradition is alarming.

Only the French seem to have infighting with coach Raymond Domenech and defender William Gallas locked in tight competition for the prestigious ‘Nutter of the Tournament’ award.

The referees have a lot to answer for too. We normally get a raft of dodgy free kicks and penalties leading to a glut of goals. Their competence is effecting our entertainment. It’s a disgrace. What happened to the good old days when we’d get a ref from Central America whose highest level of experience was the Guatemala Retired Policeman’s League?! They knew how to make games livelier.

Finally, who cannot be outraged by the annoying soundtrack that seems to be accompanying these games? It’s impossible to concentrate with that nonsense going on.

My ears are offended and if it carries on I may be forced to mute the volume on the TV. So please join me in praying that something is done about Jim Beglin and Mark Lawrenson before the knockout stages.

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