World Cup Bet of the Day 8: £10 at Evens on England to Score In Both Halves

Bet your house on England to score some goals tonight!

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Welcome to the World Cup Bet of the Day. We will be giving you a tip for every single day of the 2010 World Cup. If you follow our advice you may win a ton of money, you may also lose every penny you own. Its down to you, these are only suggestions. We aren’t making you spend your money!

So every day we be placing £10 on a bet and you will be able to see the running total throughout the proceedings to see just how we are doing.

World Cup Bet of the Day: Day 7

So last night France and Mexico provided more than enough cautions for us to win out bet of the day so we are hoping to make more in the way of winnings from tonight’s big match between England and Algeria.

Today we are going to place our £10 on England to score in both halves at evens which seems like a decent price to us!

We’ve had a pretty up and down time and some of us in the COS office have had to go without lunch on a few days because of this addiction to gambling. We are confident though we will be dining on steak by the time the tournament comes to a close.

Fingers crossed!

Running Total : – £22

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