(Video) England Striker Wayne Rooney Was Right to Blast Booing Fans to Advancing Cameraman

Old Trafford man speaks his mind.

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June 18, 2010 - South Africa - Football - England v Algeria FIFA World Cup South Africa 2010 - Group C - Green Point Stadium, Cape Town, South Africa - 18/6/10..England's Wayne Rooney appears to talk to television camera at the end of the match.

You may have noticed at the end of the Algeria game that Manchester United striker Wayne Rooney approached an advancing cameraman and was picked up voicing his views about the booing England fans, if you missed it watch the clip below.

Now don’t get me wrong. The performance was turgid, perhaps the worst under Fabio Capello but I can’t help buy feel that there is little point in vocally abusing the players, not when they are still very much in the hunt for qualification to the knock out stages.

In many ways it was a measured retort from the 24 year old and one you can see him thinking about prior to addressing the cameraman. In some ways its a very mature reaction. Rooney may well have uttered an expletive ridden sentence two or three years ago but his words were carefully chosen and in some ways completely correct.

I was unhappy with the performance and I shouted and screamed at the screen in the bar all the way through the game. It did me and the team no good, but nonetheless I did it. When hte final whistle blew it was done. It’s not the end of the world and England did not lose. Algeria played well and a draw was a fair result and whilst frustration was the order of the day it seemed strangely unnecessary to boo the players.

For instance if you were to compare the performances thus far of England and France I think that the side that would most befitting such a reception would be Raymond Domenech’s side. I felt that England did at least try. They did care. They just didn’t play well. There was no lack of effort but there was a lack of direction and it was a mess but they were not a team who deserved that reception. Imagine you have travelled all the way to South Africa and paid all that money and spent all the time to then just boo the team as they left the pitch. It surprised me. I am not sure why, but I was expecting it. France on the other hand put in two performances that reeked of disinterest Fabio Capello’s side just didn’t get going.

I am sure they will get better against Slovenia, after all they couldn’t get much worse. Keep the faith.

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