CaughtOffside World Cup 2010 Anti Vuvuzela T-Shirt Now Available: Get Yours Now

Its all about timing!

There is a massive backlash against that wasp like noise that eminates from your television set, or for those who are at the World Cup, from all around you, its caused by a Vuvuzela. Some like them and most do not. Now is your chance to wear the shirt to show your disdain for this trumpet like device that is probably deafening all those who are in its path. CLICK HERE to take a look at our COS Store or CLICK HERE to take you to the page where you too can own one of these beauties.

Although this T-shirt has a low price it is a top quality item quality offering exceptional value for money.It is made by Stedman (part of Hanes – one of the worlds leading T-shirt Brands).

This t-shirt is made from 155 gram 100% cotton and features:Styling features include twin needle stitching for neatness and strength on the collar, sleeve and hem. The neck is taped neck for comfort. The fabric is made from soft single jersey.

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