World Cup Bet of the Day 16: £10 Stake on Uruguay and United States Double

Put your money on the South Americans and the Yanks!

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Ellis Park Johannesburg World Cup 2010 Slovenia v USA Match 22 (2-2)18/06/10 Landon DONOVAN (USA) scores Photo Fotosports International Photo via Newscom

Welcome to the World Cup Bet of the Day. We will be giving you a tip for every single day of the 2010 World Cup. If you follow our advice you may win a ton of money, you may also lose every penny you own. Its down to you, these are only suggestions. We aren’t making you spend your money!

So every day we be placing £10 on a bet and you will be able to see the running total throughout the proceedings to see just how we are doing.

World Cup Bet of the Day: Day 16

So our win double last night went royally wrong. Switzerland couldn’t beat Honduras and Chile had to play Spain and a referee all at once.

Today we are going to put our £10 on a surprise win double of Uruguay and the United States that will win a handy £45.83 which seems like decent odds to us, but then what do we know! Our luck has to turn sooner or later, doesn’t it?

Fingers crossed!

Running Total : – £45.28

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