Liverpool Owners Make Laughable Statement

Anfield supremo attempts his hypnotic stare on newly installed boss.

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July 01, 2010 - United Kingdom - Football - Liverpool - Roy Hodgson Press Conference - Anfield - 1/7/10..Liverpool chairman Martin Broughton during the press conference.

Liverpool chairman Martin Broughton is hoping to sell the club by the end of the summer transfer window.

Martin Broughton, who is also chairman of British Airways, promised fans the emphasis was on securing the best deal for the club, which would not necessarily be the highest offer.
He stressed: “This is a willing buyer, willing seller auction. We will do a deal with what we consider to be the best bidder. The best bidder may not be the highest bidder.

“It’s about more than just money. It’s about stadium development, the team and the whole piece. One we’ve been through the process, the best bidder gets it.
“There haven’t been any offers to turn down and I wouldn’t have expected there to be at this stage. There are a number of interested parties but there’s no specific deadline on it.
“We are looking to the middle of July-ish for the first round of bids…and we are on course, pretty well, with where we would have expected to be.”
Broughton was hired by Hicks and Gillett in April. The Americans released a statement at the time saying: “Owning Liverpool football club over these past three years has been a rewarding and exciting experience for us and our families.
“Having grown the club this far, we have now decided together to look to sell the club to owners committed to take it through its next level of growth and development.”
During their tenure, the joint-owners have endured a rough ride from supporters frustrated at the club’s lack of success, culminating in last season’s failure to secure a top-four finish and a place in the Champions League.
The club is around £350m in debt and protest group Spirit of Shankly have accused Hicks and Gillett of “broken promises” and “a lack of understanding about running a football club”. (BBC Sport)

Now you might have noticed when you read this statement from Mr. Broughton one sentence that has no basis in reality whatsoever, a statement that should not go unnoticed, a statement that is just so laughable I feel it really needs to be analysed further.

The sentence in question is of course this one.

“Having grown the club this far, we have now decided together to look to sell the club to owners committed to take it through its next level of growth and development.”

Can anyone explain to me in what way over the past three years how we have GROWN? I am confused to say the least. If anything, we have in fact shrunk in every discernible aspect. We finished last season in seventh place and have huge debts that have been mainly come from the fact that Tom Hicks and George Gillett have run the club in a frankly almost criminal fashion.

I ask Mr. Broughton to try to explain exactly how we have grown? I’d follow up that question by then asking the British Airways Chairman, another company who he would presumably attempt to state has also GROWN, if we have indeed grown, why are they so desperate to sell up and get out of town?

I am surprised that when he made such a blatantly inaccurate statement, that no one challenged him to explain himself. Does he have some hypnotic powers we are not aware of, powers that render all within hearing distance to suddenly find it impossible to counter any claim he makes.


NB: Apologies for the confusion. It was indeed the American owners who made the original statement, which either way was a ‘laughable’ one.

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