F1 Row Between Alonso And Hamilton Resolved But Could Be Renewed In British Grand Prix At Silverstone

Fernando Alonso and Lewis Hamilton: the very best of friends.

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Formula One drivers Lewis Hamilton and Fernando Alonso were arguably both lucky not to punished further after the European Grand Prix in Valencia. Hamilton moved just ahead of the Safety Car moments after they passed the line at the end of the pit stop – and it would have been legal mere metres beforehand.

Thankfully for the McLaren driver, the decision was so tight that it took 17 laps’ time to resolve it – partially because stewards were preoccupied with the aftermath of Mark Webber’s 190mph crash. Hamilton eventually suffered the standard drive-through penalty but was able to keep his place, but the unfortunate facet from a spectator’s point of view was that his punishment prevented the battle between the McLaren and the brilliant but notoriously unstable Red Bull of Sebastian Vettel. Had Hamilton not hesitated as he was coming out of the pit lane, he would have easily passed the line before the safety car – and thus avoided his penalty altogether.

Alonso’s luck came after the race. Although he was unlucky in the safety car incident and finished in eighth, his post-race comments of a “manipulated” Grand Prix could well have been punished by the FIA for bringing the sport into disrepute. He was fortunate to get away with it.

Although their remarks after the race brought back memories of their old rivalry when McLaren team-mates, Alonso and Hamilton have now made up having messaged each other online. It remains to be seen what will happen should they find themselves alongside each other in the next race though.

It all makes for an exciting F1 battle at Silverstone between July 9th – 11th 2010, and British Grand Prix tickets are on sale now. SeeTickets has weekend tickets available from £130.

With McLaren due a major upgrade in time for the race, and both their drivers of Hamilton and Jenson Button heading the top of the Championship, there could well be a home winner on the cards.

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