Fantasy Football 2010/11 – Midfielders and Attackers

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Apr. 14, 2010 - Birmingham, West Midlands, United States - epa02117051 Aston Villa's Gabriel Agbonlahor celebrates after heading his side level to make the score 1-1 during the Barclays Premier League fixture between Aston Villa and Everton played at Villa Park in Birmingham in the West Midlands of England, 14 April 2010.

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Midfielders and attackers are the most exciting and highest scoring players in fantasy football, and for this reason most of your budget should be spent on these players. I am from, a website where a group of experts give advice on the popular game of premier league fantasy football. Throughout this article I will be providing a few of the basic tips from our experts on how to pick the best midfielders and attackers for your team, however, to gain the full value of our experts knowledge you will have to visit the our aforementioned website. For today though, midfielders and attackers:

The first basic tip is to make sure you have at least one attacking player from each of the big teams who have easy upcoming matches. The reason for this is that if one of the big team goes on a rout, you need to have one of the attacking players who are likely to have gained big points due to assists and goals. Obviously it would be impossible to have a key attacking player from every big team, and for this reason we recommend using the fixture tracker on our website to see which teams have easy upcoming matches, and therefore which teams you need coverage from. A common mistake with this is to assume that any player from a big team constitutes ‘big team coverage.’ This is not the case. The player you choose must be a player likely to be getting assists and goals, for example if you choose Nigel De Jong from Manchester City this does not mean you have Manchester City coverage.

Another basic tip regards which ‘big players’ you choose. There are 4 players who are regarded as the ‘big hitters’ as they scored the highest points last season; these are Rooney, Drogba, Fabregas and Lampard. The problem is that these players come at a minimum value of 12 million, and for this reason we would recommend having two of these players in your team. Any less, and you risk losing too many of the big points they provide, any more and the rest of your team will be too weak. To supplement these players you should look for other high scoring players who are slightly cheaper. In this group we would recommend Robin Van Persie for only 10 million, and Antonio Valencia for only 8.5 million.

You should also consider how this summer’s transfers could improve your team; a prime example of this is Joe Cole. Joe Cole has spent the last few years fighting for a place in the Chelsea team, making him an unviable option for your team with mix of injuries and other signings seeing him slip further down the pecking order at Chelsea. With Benayoun going in the opposite direction and the tinkering of Benitez behind them, Cole may manage to secure a first team place. Early indications also suggest that Cole may play in his preferred position behind the striker which, if Liverpool perform, could give see him bring in big points through regular goals and assists. At 9m we feel Cole is relatively good value for money as he is priced the same as the likes of Dirk Kuyt and David Silva. Although Liverpool’s opening fixtures are not the most favourable, we would suggest that Cole could be a good option for your team if he hits top form.

Midfield recommendation – Martin Petrov. Petrov has seen himself ousted from the Manchester City regime as numerous multi-million pound signings are made and, now at Bolton, Petrov may finally get the recognition he deserves for his attacking nature. At 6 million he falls into a competitive category, with N’Zogbia similarly priced, and Gareth Bale for only 0.5 million more. However, Petrov will be keen to prove himself, and with Bolton’s relatively easy start he seems like a solid option to add to your midfield.

Striker recommendation – Gabriel Agbonlahor. Left at manager-less Villa, many may consider ignoring Agbonlahor, but we would consider Agbonlahor a risk worth taking. This is because previous season performances have shown that Agbonlahor tends to start the season strongly, before trailing off around Christmas time. Pair this with Villa’s relatively easy start (their first two matches are against teams likely to be in the relegation fight), and Agbonlahor seems likely to score well. At 8.5 million he isn’t cheap, but if he hits the early season form he is capable of he could rise in price drastically, meaning when you come to sell him you’ve taken home a comfortable profit. We certainly feel he should be in your initial team.

Gamble option – Charlie Adam. Many people believe Blackpool will fall straight back out of the Premier League, and for that reason this option is perhaps based on a whole team, rather than one player. As the Blackpool lynchpin Adam is at the heart of everything they do. Last year he scored an impressive 17 goals, and assisted 10 more, meaning that overall he played a direct part in over a third of all Blackpool’s goals. Manager Holloway has also promised attacking football this year, and if that is the case then penalty taker Adam could score well, particularly considering his lowly price tag of 5 million. One downside to Adam is his disciplinary record; he received 13 yellow cards last season, the worst of any Blackpool player. Overall you will have to decide if you believe Blackpool can make ends meet in the Premier League, because if they do you can be sure Adam will score highly and rise in price drastically.

The above advice is only a fraction of what can be found at, and as this is the last of our pre-season blogs you will have to visit our website for the last minute tips that can be so crucial.

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