Get Your Hands On A 2010/11 Football Kit

Want to grab hold of a football shirt? Then, check these guys out.

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The online shopping website Very offer a huge selection of attire when
it comes to football.  They have shirts for every team starting at the
price of just £19.

Most of the kits come complete with either the home or away shirt, the
teams socks and of course the shorts and each kit is available in
several sizes, including infant and baby styles.

The football shirts featured online will make the perfect gift for any
football fanatic and once purchased will be delivered to you door.  If
you order now then you will receive your purchase this August and this
includes free delivery and return.  Very also allows you to buy now and
pay nothing until July 2011, meaning you have plenty of time to save up
for your beloved team’s shirts.

As well as all the latest kits for this season, Very also offer a range
of football boots and football memorabilia, making this site one of the
best places to shop for the most dedicated football fan.

The store offers kits for international teams, European and Scottish
teams as well as kits for all the premiership teams, so there is most
certainly a shirt to suit all.

The Premiership team kit available includes Arsenal, Aston villa,
Blackburn, Bolton, Chelsea, Liverpool, Man Utd, Sunderland and

The European and Scottish kits obtainable include Barelona,
Juventus, Rangers, Celtic, and Real Madrid.

Kits available for the international teams includes Argentina, Brazil, England, Holland, Republic of Ireland, Northern Ireland and Portugal.