Gary Neville As James Bond? Martin Skrtel As A Ninja Reptile? It’s A Game With Footballers In Films!

The name’s Neville. Gary Neville.

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There has been a popular trending topic on Twitter today that asks users to come up with film titles that use a footballer’s name, so we scoured the thousands of entries to list a few of our favourites that we’ve seen. Some are so bad they’re good.

Others are just bad.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Skrtels
Along Came a Sneijder
The Last Air Bendtner
Cantona Hot Tin Roof
Million Dollar Bebe
Cesc And The City
Nani McPhee
Neville Say Neville Again
Silence Of The Lahms
Di Santo Clause
The Shawcross Redemption
Indiana Jones And The Temple Of Mart Poom
Batman And Robben
Gone With The Windass
Debbie Does Dallas
Zarate Kid
Pele Confidential
Phil Neville Jacket

…and finally, for sheer preposterousness:

Juan Flo Evra The Cocu’s Nesta

Any suggestions?