Nigel De Jong’s One and Only Red Card Offence (Video)

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No, I’m not trying to play a practical joke on you.  After all, everyone is familiar with De Jong’s “work” and knows very well he has escaped sanction in every instance…until now!!

From the depths on the Internet, evidence has finally emerged to crucify a player who has broken more bones than drunk driving accidents.

Way back in 2006 while playing for Hamburg, De Jong dug his cleats into two Rapid Bucure?ti players during a UEFA cup match. Both challenges are vile and abhorrent – blind attempts at the ball, cleats raised, helpless limbs contorting out of place. And in typical fashion, he is utterly perplexed the referee thought they warranted bookings. Poor, innocent Nigel.

So here it is folks. The ONE and ONLY red card Mr. Nigel “Kung-Fu” De Jong has seen in his 8 year career:

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