England and Man City Keeper Joe Hart Gets Drunk and Pathetic Money Grabber Sells Story to Joke Tabloid

Eastlands man gets a tad plastered and some idiot decided to film him and sell the story to the NotW.

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England goalie Joe Hart preparing for this week’s vital Euro 2012 qualifier – drunkenly dancing on a bar at 3am with two blondes in a two-day bender.

His boozy antics – caught on video – will anger boss Fabio Capello and millions of fans fed up with the team’s wayward stars.

Only 36 hours before meeting up with the squad for Tuesday’s Wembley game against Montenegro, Hart, 23 – downed shot after shot at a karaoke stag bash in Spain. England team-mate Gareth Barry was also there.

A disgusted fan filmed plastered Hart at 3am in Lineker’s bar at celeb hangout Puerto Banus. An eye-witness said: “Hart and his mates had been drinking for hours.

“They were on tequila and he was swigging a Malibu bottle. When he climbed on to the bar to sing he had to steady himself.

“He even downed a drink in one while up there. He was shouting out the words to Amy Winehouse’s Valerie and seemed really keen on the blonde next to him. He had his arm around her.”

At one point Hart is seen downing what looks like a Jagerbomb shot, made from superstrong Jagermeister liqueur – while pals chant “Jager Jagerbomb, Jager Jagerbomb”.

The following night he was seen holding hands with a blonde on a second bender with Barry and pals at a club where they drank until 5am.

Our source added: “This time he was downing pink champagne and seemed drunk.”

Hart – about to sign a new £90,000-a-week contract with his club Manchester City – has a long term girlfriend, Kimberley Crew.

Hart’s wild display comes just a month after Spurs manager Harry Redknapp slammed England’s stars. “There’s one common problem – it’s called drink,” he said. (News of the World)

So the guy who filmed Joe Hart’s antics was so sickened and digusted that he just had to sell the footage to News of the World, that’s how bad he felt about watching the England man have a few drinks. Seriously? Why doesn’t the guy just admit that he recorded what was going on in Lineker’s bar so he could make a few bob?

The idea he filmed the drunken exploits of the Man City keeper because he just had to spread the word and shame the young goalie is ridiculous. No doubt Fabio Capello will have a word with the 23 year old and it will be interesting to see if he decides to drop the Eastlands man, which seems unlikely given he is bar far the best option available to the Italian.

Also remember that this happened 36 hours before Hart met with up with the England squad, and not 36 hours before the game, so hardly that big a deal. Just the usual sensationalist approach from a tawdry publication. Joe Hart is a young man and he is therefore likely on occasion to get a little drunk. Remember this is the international break and England didn’t have a game on the weekend so why shouldn’t he relax and enjoy himself? It’s not like he has committed a crime, unless being caught on camera by some complete tosser is a crime, in which case he is guilty of that one.

As for the guy who sold the story to the comic that is the News of the World no doubt got a decent whack for doing so, which is quite tragic really.

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