Sam Allardyce Bizarrely Blames Video Evidence for Horror Tackles?

The Blackburn boss claims that video evidence is to blame for the tough-tackling seen in the Premier League, not club managers.

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Blackburn Rovers boss Sam Allardyce has hit back at claims that his side are too aggressive in their tackling.

Fulham midfielder Danny Murphy sparked a row last week after claiming the likes of Blackburn, Stoke and Wolves are overly physical in their approach.

Murphy described some tackles as ‘ridiculous’ and ‘brainless’ and said bosses had to take responsibility.

However, Allardyce feels his players have been too harshly judged.

“When you get one not-so-good tackle it is highlighted so much,” Allardyce told The Mirror.

“You can get four different angles and slow it down which makes it look that much worse.

“If there are fewer of them we highlight them more and there is a little bit more outrage.

“The collision speed means the impact is that much greater, not so much the impact on the injury but the look of the tackle looks so much more volatile than it is.

“I don’t agree with what most people are saying, players are well behaved and make life good for the referee in the majority of times.

“I think it is over the top to say it needs to be stamped out. There are far fewer incidents than five or six years ago in the Premier League.” (Sky Sports)

Sam Allardyce’s claims do make sense, but there are really no excuses for some of the tackles that have been thrown around in the Premier League recently. The game is a contact sport and should always remain that way, but there is definitely room for improvement when it comes to avoiding serious injuries.

Many players, most recently Bobby Zamora and Hatem Ben Arfa, have suffered horrific injuries due to challenges that did not necessarily need to be made, or at least did not need to be made in such a dangerous manner.

As Allardyce vaguely claims in the midst of accusations towards video evidence – it is not the physical side of the game that needs to be stamped out, it is dangerous play.

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