Liverpool Co-Owners Hicks and Gillett Lift Restraining Order to Aid Mill Financial In NESV Takeover Battle

Surprise surprise, Hicks and Gillett continue to thwart Anfield takeover.

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Liverpool co-owners Tom Hicks and George Gillett have removed the restraining order preventing the club’s sale to New England Sports Ventures.
However, the move is not designed to help NESV seal its £300m deal, but to aid Hicks in his attempt to sell his stake to US hedge fund Mill Financial.
The club is hoping to tie up a deal with NESV on Friday, but Hicks believes he can still scupper its plan.
Mill could then pay off the £237m debt owed to Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS).
NESV’s deal was being held up by the restraining order, which was issued by a court in Texas. The court is set to resume its hearing at 1300 BST on Friday, when the order will be officially lifted.

BBC Sport understands the overnight adjournment in proceedings in the US was to enable Hicks to have more time in his attempt to strike a deal with Mill Financial.
BBC Sports editor David Bond said: “The restraining order prevents any other buyer – such as Mill – from paying off the £237m loan to Royal Bank of Scotland, due on Friday, because it binds RBS as well as the board of Liverpool and its parent companies based in the UK. ”
Now it appears as though Mill and NESV are vying for control of the Anfield club, with Reds chairman Martin Broughton and managing director Christian Purslow both saying on Friday they are “confident” a deal with NESV will go through.
NESV owner Henry added on his Twitter feed: “We have a binding contract. Will fight Mill Hicks Gillett attempt to keep club today. Their last desperate attempt to entrench their regime.” (BBC Sport)

The latest sneaky attempt by Hicks and Gillett will surprise few and further delays the sale of the Anfield club to New England Sporting Ventures who are the preferred bidder for those on the Liverpool board. One wonders what the American pair will do next as they seem hell bent on putting any conceivable obstacle possible in the way of progress at the Merseyside club.

Reds chairman Martin Broughton and managing director Christian Purslow will fight tooth and nail to prevent a sale to Mill Financial who are intrinsically linked to the disgraced co-owners and they too in turn will keep pushing against any sale to NESV. This could go on for quite some time.

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